Hospital Inventory in Time of Pandemic

The healthcare industry is facing a high volume of patients during the COVID-19 pandemic. In the peak times of the virus’s spread, hospitals had shortages in almost all aspects: inventory, rooms, and staff. In the past few months, COVID patient rates have declined significantly because vaccination was in full swing. However, with the emergence ofContinue reading “Hospital Inventory in Time of Pandemic”

Managing a Construction Site Inventory

There are multiple departments in a construction project and the thing that connects all of them is ensuring the materials are purchased, delivered, and properly managed all the time to avoid delays.  When the business starts to grow and starts to get multiple projects simultaneously, managing materials can be cumbersome. The schedule for receiving materialsContinue reading “Managing a Construction Site Inventory”

General Store Inventory Management Problems and Solutions

In an industry where disorganized inventory greatly affects customer satisfaction directly, a big-big effort is required. This is because things are moving so fast and there are various products and multiple locations to manage. Having accurate data can greatly aid in efficient decision-making. Streamlined inventory management captures enough information to minimize expenses from overstocks andContinue reading “General Store Inventory Management Problems and Solutions”

Life at Emergency Medical Service (EMS)

Emergency medical services (EMS) are essential, especially now with COVID-19. The virus keeps mutating, and some vaccine manufacturers are saying that existing vaccines may be less effective on the new variant. The increasing risks of mutations mean longer suffering on suppressing the virus and continuous tiring job for front liners. EMS responders have been workingContinue reading “Life at Emergency Medical Service (EMS)”

Inventory Visibility for Fire Stations

It’s been a while since the last time someone called your station for an emergency. You wake up today and decide to go on with your everyday routines. Then you heard the news about the pandemic that started ravaging your country. You know in yourself that it will be demanding from today on moving forwardContinue reading “Inventory Visibility for Fire Stations”

5 Best Features to Look for in an Inventory Management System

Every business needs to manage inventory, whether those items are office supplies, raw materials for production, or the actual products to sell. Businesses that need an Inventory Management System (IMS) more are usually those who are involved in the supply chain such as manufacturing, retail store and distribution, and warehouses. If you are part ofContinue reading “5 Best Features to Look for in an Inventory Management System”

Inventory Management in Time of Pandemic

Different organizations have already adjusted most parts of their business strategy because of COVID-19. These organizations include counties that manage different departments such as police, fire stations, schools, and health units that have big roles in suppressing the spread of the pandemic. County health departments play significant functions in making the everyday flow of COVID-19Continue reading “Inventory Management in Time of Pandemic”

Managing Hotel Inventories

Hotel inventory can be divided into two categories which are primary and secondary inventory. Primary inventory is those rooms that generate the revenue. The Secondary inventory covers other important things not just the complimentary items for each room but also the supplies for restaurants, gift shops, and cleaning services.

Inventory Visualization for a Cosmetics Store

Every customer has that one makeup store they keep coming back to. It’s usually because they would always find their favorite products there or they just simply love the décor or the employees. Imagine a store with hundreds or thousands of products available, how would they manage their inventory? The traditional way of managing inventoryContinue reading “Inventory Visualization for a Cosmetics Store”

Managing the Inventory and Equipment in Your Medical Laboratory

In a medical lab, keeping an accurate record of inventory items (supplies and equipment), their quantity, and location will ensure that things run smoothly and can prevent expensive mistakes. Some tips below will help you out! Take Stock of Everything Whether starting a new laboratory or just simply working to improve the inventory process, youContinue reading “Managing the Inventory and Equipment in Your Medical Laboratory”