Life at Emergency Medical Service (EMS)

Emergency medical services (EMS) are essential, especially now with COVID-19. The virus keeps mutating, and some vaccine manufacturers are saying that existing vaccines may be less effective on the new variant. The increasing risks of mutations mean longer suffering on suppressing the virus and continuous tiring job for front liners. EMS responders have been working tirelessly since the pandemic started. Some are already used to the workload accompanied by increasing numbers of infected people, while some are still working on going by.

EMS Problem

Emergency medical services are carved up into two every time an emergency arises. It is to respond to an emergency immediately with complete equipment required and to monitor what goes out and goes back every time.

Manual tracking and accounting of all equipment and supplies are confusing and exhausting, to say the least. Even on regular days, EMS is called out to multiple locations to help those in emergencies. Every time EMS responders go out, they may bring supplies and equipment to treat patients or to provide first aid before transporting them to a hospital. During this time, keeping supplies and equipment is the least of their worries, which sometimes leads them to accidentally leave essential items on the scene. 

Using the traditional way of inventory management, accounting for missing items is hard. You have to have a tool that can keep up with the fast-paced environment the EMS is facing every day.

EMS Inventory Management System

There are hundreds of EMS inventory management systems. If you’re tired of inventory problems and ready to invest in an inventory management system that can make everything easier, these are the features that you must consider on top of the common features such as inventory control, barcoding, accessibility, etc.: 

  • Centralized inventory management
  • Prevent supplies from expiring
  • Log movement of inventory
  • High level of inventory visibility

Centralized inventory management

This helps keep everything synchronized, especially when there are multiple locations to manage and multiple users that update the system simultaneously.

Prevent supplies from expiring

With the expiry date monitoring feature, you will avoid supplies being expired. You can prioritize using items that are about to expire and reorder to replenish expired goods to make sure essential items are available.

Log movement of inventory

Stocking each mobile, replenishing low-level supplies, and counting supplies and equipment right after an emergency needs to be tracked each day. With the help of activity history, you can also check what comes out and comes back from a vehicle to make sure everything is accounted for.

High level of inventory visibility

Lack of visibility is a common problem faced not just by EMS individuals but also other businesses. However, this is also a feature missing from most inventory management systems.

Inventory visibility is knowing what inventory you have in what location, at any given moment. This is a vital feature, especially for EMS inventory management. In times of emergency, you will never know who took which items from what location or storage, and if something goes missing, no one will be accounted for and will just be assumed as a loss. That means, cost

Inventory visibility can come with an actual visual map that represents the exact locations of your business. With a map, you can easily drag and drop items between multiple locations. Just a glance, you will see the content of each location, whether it is a closet, a room, a vehicle, or bins.

Inventory visibility allows for accurate information as it relates to inventory levels and locations, accountability, and data-driven decisions.


The EMS industry has been a great support in the healthcare sector but the EMS responders are getting tired and people who manage the resources are exhausted on keeping track of supply and equipment every day. Inventory management is an underestimated but key component to the success of an EMS. 

Whether traditional or innovative approaches to managing inventory, you must consider things that can make everything easier not only for inventory managers but also for the responders. Tracking, monitoring, and accounting in a fast-paced environment without missing anything are simply impossible. You need something such as inventory management software to look after supplies, equipment, and multi-locations.  

EMS inventory management is as important as having enough people and equipment.

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