Small Business in a Small Town

small-townSo, you’re looking to open or improve your small-town business. Where should you start? This article will provide tips on running a successful business amidst the unique challenges faced by business owners in a small town.

If you’re just starting out, take some time to sit down and come up with ideas that will sell. What types of consumers are you gearing toward? What types of services are you able and willing to offer? Try browsing the local paper, scanning the phone book or perusing the newspaper ads to see what kinds of businesses are present in your local community. Which ones are successful? Are there any services that are not listed that you feel would benefit your community?

Once you have a few options in mind, do some researching. Budget your expenses; make sure that you can afford the venture that you are attempting to take on. Are you educated or well-practiced at the services you would like to offer?

Next, create a business plan. Run it past a business expert at an educational institute or government agency to ascertain whether your plan is a viable business possibility.

Now it’s time to pick a location. Be careful not to place your startup business too close to a thriving company that offers the same or very similar services. It will likely be difficult to compete with a company that already boasts a large client base. Also, be sure to attain the proper permits for the area such as zoning, parking and employees.

Be sure to market your new business appropriately. Join your town’s chamber of commerce, which often provides low-cost advertising opportunities and even allows its members to promote their services at local community events.  You may also consider joining local merchant associations and partnering with or sponsoring local events. This could range anywhere from handing out business cards at local fairs to offering monetary support to your local sports teams in exchange for advertising opportunities.

Finally, be sure to have a system in place that will allow you to track your sales and merchandise. Bookeeping is of such great importance to small businesses. It is imperative that business owners know where their money is coming from as well as what they’re spending it on, and it is equally important for your sales revenue to keep track of your products. For easy inventory tracking use CyberStockroom – it’s Free to try for 2 weeks.

Published by CyberStockroom

CyberStockroom (CS) is an Online Inventory and Asset Management solution for growing businesses. CS uses a unique "Map-based" approach to managing inventory that makes it both engaging and easy to use. Users create a virtual map of their business including all their locations and sub-locations and populate it with their products. An easy Drag & Drop interface lets them move their products around and visualize how each item is distributed across the locations.

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