5 Easy Steps to Becoming an Environmentally-Friendly Business

Though it may seem like lightening your business’s footprint is an overwhelming task to take on, there are several small steps you can take to make your business a little bit greener without taking on more work than you can handle. This article lists some small measures you can take toward becoming a green business.Continue reading “5 Easy Steps to Becoming an Environmentally-Friendly Business”

Small Business in a Small Town

So, you’re looking to open or improve your small-town business. Where should you start? This article will provide tips on running a successful business amidst the unique challenges faced by business owners in a small town. If you’re just starting out, take some time to sit down and come up with ideas that will sell.Continue reading “Small Business in a Small Town”

6 Ways to Bring in the “Back-to-School” Business

Create the “Back-to-School” Connection   At first glance, your inventory management business or products may not directly relate to the back-to-school frenzy, but try and dig a little deeper. Are you marketing healthy products? Market them toward parents as nutritious, on-the-go school lunches. Do you own a gym or work at a salon? Offer specialContinue reading “6 Ways to Bring in the “Back-to-School” Business”

7 Amazing Tools for Small Business Owners

There are thousands of websites and apps that claim to help entrepreneurs and small business owners better manage their business. I’ve compiled a short list of tools that I use regularly that have helped me tremendously. This is by no means a complete list but it’s definitely a good place to start or to addContinue reading “7 Amazing Tools for Small Business Owners”

3 Keys to Building a Reputation for Your Business

When I launched CyberStockroom in 2011, my idea of building a reputation for the company was to project a professional front. We did this by landing articles and reviews on reputable websites, publishing press releases, blogging about news and releases, and (I’m a little ashamed to say) trying to brute force our name into various Social MediaContinue reading “3 Keys to Building a Reputation for Your Business”

Using Live Chat to Boost Sales

One of the most powerful sales tools we use at CyberStockroom is the Live Chat Feature on our website. Being a business to business provider (B2B), it is critical for us to communicate directly and effectively with all of our clients to complete the sales cycle. During the Free Trial phase of the service, users oftenContinue reading “Using Live Chat to Boost Sales”

Selling Online for Brick and Mortar Shops: Amazon FBA Explained

For many brick-and-mortar shops, the idea of online sales can seem very foreign, risky and impractical. After all, you already have customers and a steady stream of sales – so why mess with a good thing? Besides, you don’t have the resources to handle shipping or returns, let alone online marketing! Of course you’ve heardContinue reading “Selling Online for Brick and Mortar Shops: Amazon FBA Explained”

Turn Gmail into an AWESOME customer management tool

One of my biggest internet WOW moments was the day that I switched from Hotmail to Gmail in 2004 when it was still in Beta. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it but something about the service made it irresistible. The functionality seemed similar to Hotmail and there weren’t any real technical breakthroughs (that I couldContinue reading “Turn Gmail into an AWESOME customer management tool”