Field Inventory: Managing Trunk Stock and Spare Parts Inventory

If you work for a business that provides on-site service and repair, you understand how important inventory management is. Management of field inventory or trunk stock and spare parts is critical to ensure that your personnel has the right parts and materials to finish their work. In this blog, we’ll define trunk stock and spareContinue reading “Field Inventory: Managing Trunk Stock and Spare Parts Inventory”

Managing Trunk Stock and Maintenance Spare Parts Inventory

The way we handle inventory is determined by the inventory kinds we have. When we think of inventory management, we normally think of direct inventory, which are raw materials for manufacturing, and retail or wholesale, which are direct inventory purchases that are shelved to be sold. What is spare parts inventory? Spare parts inventory refersContinue reading “Managing Trunk Stock and Maintenance Spare Parts Inventory”

Inventory in the Field

Field operations often cover large geographical areas, they also have remote warehouses, and trunk or van stocks. This type of business requires a meticulous way of managing the inventory. With multiple locations and a variety of small and large products, manual tracking is beyond difficult. Field inventory is commonly associated with items that are alwaysContinue reading “Inventory in the Field”