Inventory Management: Achieving Inventory Visibility

What is Inventory Visibility? First, what is meant by inventory visibility? Most businesses are more concerned with quantities and products and don’t pay much attention to where the products are located. The number of locations in businesses varies based on how small or big the business or the operations are. Even little bins and drawers,Continue reading “Inventory Management: Achieving Inventory Visibility”

Inventory in the Field

Field operations often cover large geographical areas, they also have remote warehouses, and trunk or van stocks. This type of business requires a meticulous way of managing the inventory. With multiple locations and a variety of small and large products, manual tracking is beyond difficult. Field inventory is commonly associated with items that are alwaysContinue reading “Inventory in the Field”

Inventory Visibility for Fire Stations

Consider this image: It’s been a while since the last time someone called your station for an emergency. You wake up and proceed with your everyday routine. You get a cup of coffee and turned on the tv, you watched the news and learned about the pandemic. You just found out that hundreds of thousandsContinue reading “Inventory Visibility for Fire Stations”