Meet the Map!

Today I am proud to announce a tool that will be of tremendous help to small business owners everywhere: 1 min Explainer Video For years, at CyberStockroom, we’ve known that inventory management is a pain in the neck. So much so that we’ve often given people who have to count inventory the chance to vent.Continue reading “Meet the Map!”

Why Our Company Twitter Account is Full of Profanities

So it’s been over a month since we put our finger on the pulse of enraged inventory-counting employees all over the world.  Let me remind you what we did. We sell inventory software ( and over time it became more and more clear to us that people really HATE to count inventory and generally avoid itContinue reading “Why Our Company Twitter Account is Full of Profanities”

7 Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read

Business Model Generation Alexander Osterwalder In this book, readers learn to create new business models as traditional models are being disrupted in today’s market. Every entrepreneur should take the time to read this in order to gain a competitive advantage over the business market.   Outliers Malcolm Gladwell “Outliers” is Gladwell’s third best seller and,Continue reading “7 Books Every Entrepreneur Should Read”

Social Media Small Biz Power

Social media can be a great budget-friendly alternative to buying an expensive website and in today’s market can actually be more effective. But, what’s the best way to hop on the social media bandwagon? Here are a few quick tips to help you get started. Sign up on a social media website Before you canContinue reading “Social Media Small Biz Power”

How to Create a Company Culture for Your Small Business

We normally think of company culture in terms of larger companies, but it can be just as important for your small business as well. And don’t worry; you won’t have to break the bank! What is company culture? If you aren’t familiar with the term, company culture can be thought of as your business’s personality.Continue reading “How to Create a Company Culture for Your Small Business”

3 No-Brainers for Cutting Your Business Costs

Feeling a bit overwhelmed by the cost of running your business? There are many ways that you can cut cost without sacrificing quality. Here are a few quick tips that you may not have considered in the past. Use the Internet for free advertisement In this day, it is nearly impossible to run a businessContinue reading “3 No-Brainers for Cutting Your Business Costs”

Hiring Freelancers to Help Your Business

What is a freelance worker? Individuals can choose to become freelancers for a variety of reasons. Maybe they work as full-time freelancers, or maybe they’re just trying to earn some extra cash on the side. Maybe they’re stay-at-home parents looking to earn some additional income to support a family. Maybe they’re in-between jobs. No matterContinue reading “Hiring Freelancers to Help Your Business”

How to Hire Your Sales Superstar

Hiring a new employee can be tough in any industry. But, hiring the right person in retail/sales settings can be especially stressful. This person is responsible for driving up your revenue, so he or she will have the capacity to make or break your business, to an extent. Here are some quick tips that willContinue reading “How to Hire Your Sales Superstar”

Myths about Small Businesses

If you own or are looking to start up your own small business, you’ve probably already heard your fair share of myths about the small business world. These urban legends can be disheartening and negatively affect the potential for your small business’s success. They can lead you to make wrong or rash decisions and diminishContinue reading “Myths about Small Businesses”