Major Upgrade: Custom thresholds and reordering for CyberStockroom

Some Important Upgrades are Here! Here’s what you can look forward to:

Inventory Notifications: In the Overview page you will find notifications of the number of items that are ‘Out of Stock’, ‘Running Low’ and ‘In Stock’. Each notification has a small blue download button that will allow you to export a spreadsheet of the items. You also have the option of sorting the exported list as well as filtering by any keyword.


CyberStockrom Notifications
Product Level Thresholds and Reorders: You can set custom thresholds for your inventory levels in two ways. Either you can use default values for all of the items in your inventory or you can set different threshold values for each product by assigning different custom fields to your ‘minimum’ and ‘maximum’ thresholds. Based on this information, CyberStockroom can then automatically calculate your reorder quantities! These will be included in your Stockroom page as well as your spreadsheet exports. You can access these settings by clicking on ‘View/Edit Thresholds’ in your Overview or Stockroom page or from the Settings page.


cyberstockroom thresholds
Color Scheme: To simplify things in your Stockroom, we’ve reworked the color scheme so that you can easily see which items are ‘Out of Stock’, ‘Running Low’, ‘In Stock’ and ‘Overstocked’. legend

We look forward to hearing back from you about these changes! If you haven’t already signed up for CyberStockroom, start your 30-day free trial right now!


8 thoughts on “Major Upgrade: Custom thresholds and reordering for CyberStockroom

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