3 Ways to Add Products to Your Inventory Management Account

Import from file

Inventory management software is only useful if you can easily add and update your products on a regular basis. If the process is difficult or time consuming it becomes too much of a hassle. That’s why CyberStockroom has been designed from the ground up to provide multiple ways of adding products to your inventory. This article describes the 3 main ways that you can do this.

1. Importing from a file

Importing inventory information from a spreadsheet is a powerful way to quickly populate your Stockroom. This method is ideal in the following situations:

  • If you’re getting started and you have a lot of products to add.

  • if you’re migrating your data from another service.

  • If you’re tired of using spreadsheets to manage your inventory!

Importing is great because you can fill in all the information about your products like Product Number, Number, Quantity, Buy Price, Sell Price, etc and import it all at the same time.

CyberStockroom is flexible and only requires you to include a product number in your import file (but we recommend you include as much information as you need!)

To get started, download this sample file and fill it in with your own data. Then go to your Overview page and click on ‘Import From File’. Upload your file and select all the columns you want to include. That’s it!

2. Single Product Addition

The CyberStockroom Add page provides you with a beautiful interface to create products in your inventory. You can scan an item or type a product number and then edit its properties. If you turn on the auto-increment option (in your Settings page), then every time you scan the item (or enter the product number), the quantity of the product in your stockroom will increase by 1.

As always you can edit any of your products at any time by going to your Stockroom page.

3. Batch Addition

Batch Addition is one of the most useful features that you will interact with on a day-to-day basis. With this tool you will be able to

  • Scan Multiple items with a Barcode scanner.

  • Use a Batch Barcode scanner to enter multiple products.

  • Enter multiple products manually.

To access this feature from your Add page, click on the ‘Batch Scan’ Button.

If you haven’t created your CyberStockroom account yet, try it here free for 30 days!


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